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GM TARN aims to develop an accurate database containing information about the severity of individual patient injuries, and the outcome of groups of patients treated by Accident and Emergency departments within Greater Manchester.

During the past two years improvements have been made in the Electronic data collection submitted to TARN and there has been an overall improvement in data quality and quantity in the Greater Manchester Region.

The focus of the audit up to 2008 was head injury management and data provided by the Intensive Care Bed Information Service (ICBIS) based at North Manchester General Hospital is regularly distributed to data co-ordinators and ensures that all head injured patients in the district hospitals are identified for the study. Information collected by TARN regarding transfer of head injured patients within Greater Manchester has been used in a successful bid for funding from the Strategic Health Authority for two further Neurosurgical beds at Hope Hospital. A Head Ijnury Management in Adults in Greater Manchester was published in 2006 and is curently under revision.

A New project was launched in June 2008 and for the next two years will be Penetrating Injury Management. The focus for this audit is on Gunshot and Knife wounding in Greater Manchester. The aims is two fold, one is to improve survival rates for patients with penetrating injury wounds and two would be to provide accurate anonimsed data to the Greater Manchester Community Safety Organisations to asssit in crime prevention planning. A spin off of the data collected is that more accurate statistics can be also provided to the Home Office regarding Gun and Knife Crime in Greater Manchester. A Data Sharing agreement has been put in place between GMTARN and The Greater Manchester Against Crime Organisation. A Penetrating Injury report is generated on a montly basis for this purpose


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